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President’s message

Dear Partners and Clients,

On behalf of “COSTA Group” we are happy to share our achievements and plans for the future.

The aim of “COSTA Group” has always been to provide our clients with high-quality professional services combined with an excellent experience and knowledge of the construction industry.

The main objectives of the company in the coming years is to strengthen and develop its leading position in key markets with a special focus on Russian and Middle East regions, to continue its investment policy in the field of research and development of leading-edge technologies, human resources, organizational structure; the creation of environmental and safety policy awareness among our clients and employees.

Despite the financial crisis, Russia is one of our main construction markets and we continue to expand the geography of activities of the company throughout the country. Experience and excellent reputation of our employees, being guarantee of quality of “COSTA Group”, allowed us to be awarded with new contracts to a number of prestigious and complex projects, highlighting the successful performance of projects in Moscow and throughout the country.

We are pleased to share with you the receipt of three international awards this year for quality and leadership.

International recognition of our leadership in the field of quality encourages us to deliver even better services to our clients and partners.

We will keep recruiting the best managers, professionals with rich experience in international companies. Our team consists of people of different cultures and nationalities, and we believe that these differences make us a leading player in the construction industry and allow us to quickly adapt to conditions of any project. On behalf of “COSTA Group” partners and clients, I would like to thank our team and all employees for their efforts and the work based on superior quality and professionalism in service.

Yours truly,
Izzet Calguner