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Izzet Calguner
Chairman of board of directors COSTA Group


Founder of the company. Working out of strategic development plans, interaction with strategic partners in key areas of business, protection of group interests from political and economic risks.

Erdal Yalcin
General Director COSTA Group


Chairman of the Management. Company management, initiation of orders, directives, executive and other documents regarding company activity.

Utku Tulumen
Deputy General Director COSTA Group


Business development of the group, analysis of risks, budget planning, group coordination and supervision, arrangement of interaction of the project parties, coordination and supervision of group departments, implementation of companies long-term plans.

Anna Tuhvatulina
Financial Director COSTA Group


Financial Department coordination and supervision, constant adaptation to external and inside business changes. Enhancing company economic security.

Izzet Yildiz
Head of Personnel & Administration Department COSTA Group


Development of HR policy and company strategy applicable to personnel management. Provision of company with qualified personnel. Development of corporate culture.