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About COSTA Group

“COSTA Group” was established in 2006.
Today with more than 2500 employees, our company conducts its business mainly in Construction, Development, Energy and Horeca in Russia and other countries.

The company has a large portfolio of completed projects and we realize that in the nearest future it will grow rapidly.

Company’s structure enables us to minimize the risks and to be independent from various adverse effects such as markets changes and financial crises. The vertical integration of the company allows to implement quality control effectively and ensure maximum efficiency at all stages.

The company has grown in times of crisis by timely strategic decisions.

Unlike companies that significantly reduce its staff in times of crisis, our company has made contributions to human resources thus “COSTA Group” managed to turn the crisis to its advantage.

“COSTA Group” has offices in Istanbul, Qatar and Dubai, and also carries out projects in Italy and USA.

“COSTA Group” meets international quality standards. We take care of the environment, take an active part in social life and adhere to the principles of ethical business.