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Residental Complex, Moscow

Shopping Mall "Torgoviy Kvartal", Naberezhnye Chelny

Shopping Mall "Мetropolis", Moscow

Family Shopping Center "MEGA", Samara

Moscow International Business Center "Moscow-City", Moscow

Shopping Mall "Torgoviy Kvartal", Domodedovo

Hotel and business complex, "Sheraton" Rostov-on-Don

Family shopping and entertainment complex “San Mart”

Building with hotel-style apartments, Moscow

Moscow International Business Center "Moscow-City"

ТРК “Акварель”, Тамбов

Многофункциональный Жилой Комплекс с подземными автостоянками, Москва

Luxury residential quarter "Gardens of Peking"

Elite Quarter Wine House

COSTA Construction. Our projects

“COSTA Construction” is a general contracting, investment and construction company. “COSTA Construction” was founded in December 2006.

“COSTA Construction” has a very successful and experienced team of professionals who are able to effectively run every stage of the project including but not limited to the concept development, site selection, floor planning, implementation of design, cost analysis, receipt of permits and supervision of construction process.

Acting as a general contractor and a general designer, “COSTA Construction” is ready to perform any construction project regardless of its size and location and to ensure its timely completion with the highest quality standards.

“COSTA Construction” maintains strict control over the quality of work performance and pays special attention to the quality management system and confirms that the company has been certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Over the past 3 years, “COSTA Construction” has strengthened its position in the Russian construction market and established stable partnership relations with Russian and international companies such as “IKEA”, “Capital Partners”, “Torgoviy Kvartal”, “RMB-Invest”, “Capital Group”, “BEL-Development”, “DONSTROY INVESTMENT”, etc.

The company closely cooperates with clients at all stages of work until full satisfaction of client’s needs.